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[Abstract] Department of Housing and Urban Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the city of [2014] No. 114 overall idea proposed flood control: water conservation priority, spatial equilibrium, the system of governance, hands force. That "strictly control access to fresh water ecologi...
Water supply and drainage in April 14, 2014 Construction Standardization Technical Committee of experts to our company to visit.
In April 11, 2014 organized the "building water supply and drainage Standardization Technical Committee 2013 annual work summary congress" in Jiangsu China World Trade Center Kokusai Hotel, Jiangsu Jinchi Environment Engineering Co Ltd have the honor as sponsors to attend the meeting.
The March 26, 2014 Jiangsu Jinchi Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. Kunming Office held a rainwater collection and drainage ditch linear finished products and technology exchange in Kunming area.