Jiangsu sosoon Environmental Engineering Ltd., Co.--HDPE and syphon are certified by Singapore green building standards.

      On May 9, 2014,  HDPE drainage system and siphon surface drainage system of our company (Jiangsu sosoon Environmental Engineering Ltd., Co.) are  certified by  Singapore green building standards.

      Owners and users increasingly see  ecological ability as their attitude to green and the value of their lifestyle.  Green buildings have tangible benefits:  Save the cost of owner by  reducing energy costs to achieve higher environmental standards; eatablish more users by improving the quality of life. This significantly raises the demand for green products and services. Enterprises need to cope with the changes in consumer demand, putting more emphasis on impacts of their business and product performance on the environment. 
      Upon the sustainable development of the building environment, paragraph count, development and certification, they plan to provide the environment standards for the building products and services, as well as to provide environmental performance benchmark tests for their products and services. Paragraph count was based on the Singapore green building product certification scheme (SGBP) 2010. After its success, service certification scheme - Singapore green building services (SGBS) certification was launched in 2012.      
      The success of Singapore's green building standards certification indicates that Jiangsu sosoon takes a big step on overseas market development. On one hand, Jiangsu sosoon Environmental Engineering Ltd., Co. is a company dedicated to sustainable comprehensive drainage solutions. so-soon products  conform to the green product and service consciousness, winning more target audience and market. On the other hand, so-sson products conform to the requirements of the green building standards at home and abroad, providing  more reliable quality and service!